Non-Player Character (theredshirts) wrote,
Non-Player Character

July 10, 2012

Walking up to his office, Bill takes a seat behind his desk, looking at the phone for a moment as he drops Bauer's file on his desk. The government file had been out of date, of course, and so he'd had analysts run data-mining on him. He'd been both surprised and not surprised when Jack's name had come up as joint owner of a business along with Michelle Dessler. Considering the way Jack had looked at Tony's funeral, and how he and Michelle hadn't spoken then--at least not that Bill saw--it was surprising to see that they were working together. But then they were good friends, they'd been through a lot over the years. Maybe it made sense that Tony's death--even when it had come saving Jack--hadn't broken that connection.

Glancing at the phone again, he takes a seat. He should call a field team for this, send someone to pick her up; she's Bauer's associate after all. But somehow that seems too impersonal, too...harsh. Particularly for someone he'd once cared about quite a lot. Someone he still cares about, even now, and someone he can't believe would help Jack except out of a belief in his innocence. Bill knows his feelings shouldn't get in the way, though.

Picking up the phone, he dials a number, hoping he's made the right decision on how to handle this.
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