Non-Player Character (theredshirts) wrote,
Non-Player Character

July 17th, 2012
6:00 AM

Henderson glances at his watch; only a few minutes left before the deadline. He's just thinking that Jack and Christine might not make it in time, when he hears the sound of a car approaching outside.

"On your feet," Henderson says, grabbing Caiti's arm and yanking her to her feet. She's glaring at him but he can see the fear behind her eyes. Still, he's not taking any chances.

Pressing the gun at the small of her back, he nudges her toward the office door. "Do what I tell you and you go home with your sister, got it?" Caiti nods, shakily, and he pulls her toward a cherry picker that, with its size and the shadows around it in the dimly-lit hangar, will give them some cover from the door fifty yards away.

Outside, the engine dies and a long minute or two later, there's the slamming of two car doors. His insurance has arrived.
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